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Piston rod production requirements

1. Introduction to the production method of the piston rod
If you want to use piston rods for production, then naturally we should prevent some problems, such as wear and cracking, etc. These problems are also the number of times we appear in the course of the operation. Many. But if we can say that we can better temper, it will definitely have a certain effect on the protection of our piston rod. Of course, we can further improve the corrosion resistance of the piston rod, which is for us. The role is still better. I don't know how everyone thinks about this issue.

2. Nitriding treatment of the piston rod
In fact, through the nitriding treatment of the piston rod, we can further improve the hardness of the piston rod, which is actually quite effective for our operation. Of course, we can improve the performance through different methods, but we also need to look at the specific wear of the piston rod. If the drive roller wears more seriously, then our operation may not play any role. Therefore, whether we can protect the piston rod during normal times is also a test for us. In general, the treatment of the piston rod is still quite helpful to us.

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