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Hydraulic cylinder precautions

First, in order to prevent the bending or deformation of the elongated member such as the piston rod, the balance of the support is applied when placed. During the disassembly, the piston rod top thread, the port thread and the piston rod surface, the inner wall of the cylinder liner, etc. should be prevented from being damaged.

Second, the disassembly should be carried out in order. Due to the different structure and size of the various hydraulic cylinders, the disassembly sequence is slightly different. Generally, the oil in the two chambers of the cylinder should be drained, then the cylinder head should be removed, and the piston and piston rod should be removed. When disassembling the cylinder head of the hydraulic cylinder, special tools should be used for the key or the snap ring of the inner card type connection. It is forbidden to use the flat shovel; for the flange type end cover, it should be screwed out, no hammering or hard smashing is allowed. . When the piston and the piston rod are difficult to extract, do not force it out. You should first find out the cause and then disassemble it.

Third, before and after unloading, try to create conditions to prevent the parts of the hydraulic cylinder from being contaminated by dust and impurities around. For example, when disassembling, try to carry out in a clean environment; after disassembly, all parts should be covered with plastic cloth, not covered with cotton cloth or other work cloth.

Fourth, the cylinder should be carefully checked after disassembly to determine which parts can continue to be used, which parts can be repaired before use, and which parts should be replaced.

Fifth, carefully clean the parts before assembly.

Sixth, when the threaded coupling is tightened, a special wrench should be used, and the torque should meet the standard requirements.

Seventh, after assembling the piston and the piston rod, it is necessary to try to measure whether the concentricity and the straightness over the entire length are out of tolerance.

Eighth, after the assembly, the piston assembly should be moved without any obstruction and uneven resistance.

Ninth, when the hydraulic cylinder is installed on the main machine, a sealing ring should be added between the inlet and outlet port joints and fastened to prevent oil leakage.

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